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The DME103 is a professional microphone amplifier designed and built with emphasis on sound transparency throughout the full audio spectrum.  It faithfully renders all the subtle colors, characteristics and personality of your microphones.

The function of a microphone amplifier is to elevate the microphone's signal enabling it to feed a mixer or recorder at standard line level.  This should be accomplished with minimum distortion and maximum frequency response, headroom and impulse response.  Any coloration such as "warmth", "smooth", ect., in a microphone amplifier, is a form of distortion detracting from the original sound of the microphone.

The exceptional low distortion and superb sound transparency of the DME103 deliver the unaltered sound and character of the many different microphones available today.

This dual channel amplifier has a maximum gain of 70 decibels, headroom of 24 dB and a bandwidth of 10Hz to 50KHz.  A six position attenuator plus continuously variable gain make it easy to use.

The six position input attenuator is absolutely colorless.  There is no difference in sound quality between the attenuating positions and 0.  The only requirement is to set level with the input attenuator and the variable gain control.  As long as the level on the VU meter is proper, there should be no concern as to the setting of these controls.
The DME103 features an electronically balanced output with a maximum capability of 28 dBu to interface with state of the art consoles and recorders at the standard line level of 4 dBu.

To preserve the remarkable sound integrity of this amplifier we have not included circuitry to allow grounding of pins 2 or 3 for single-ended operation. 

If the DME103 has to feed a single-ended input, use pin 1 as common, pin 2 as +/- and do not connect pin 3.  In this configuration the amplifier will deliver -2 dBu with a reading of "0" on the VU meter.

LED illuminated VU meters and phantom power complement this amplifier which has been optimised for maximum definition and sound transparency as required by the excellent impulse response of modern microphones.

Listen to the DME103 through a clean system so you can appreciate how faithful it really is.

The DME 103 sells for $2,500. F.O.B.  Sun Valley, CA.

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The DME103 Microphone Amplifier
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Since 1967 our company has designed and fabricated custom professional mixing consoles and systems for the audio industry. 

We believe now, as in the past, that the audio recorded signal should be as close to the original sound as technically possible.
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